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Myaunk Thae

How do you want to feel when you buy accessories?

Funky? Confident? Sexy?

Of course! But you can't have that without feeling UPLIFT first.

Say what now?

Artisans paid fairly. Treated respectfully. Your purchase empowering others.

At WEFTshop, we serve UPLIFT with every accessory.

Myaunk Thae Collection


As a single mother, she’s worked hard to give her daughter a stable home.

Twice married her heart is still open to love. She likes to feel sexy, alive and vibrant.

But she can’t feel that way wearing a product that’s harmed the person who makes it.

Heading to work, she puts her laptop into a Bilby Laptop Wallet.

It’s just what she needs to UPLIFT herself. And the women who make the handbag.

Myaunk Thae Collection


Megan’s late for counselling her clients, trying to get her two teens out the door.

She catches a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror and suddenly wishes she was going dancing.

She wraps a Mie Meh Scarf around her neck. She loves the feel of the soft natural fibres on her skin.

She knows who made it, and how it positively impacts their lives.

The colours instantly UPLIFT her. And the women who make the scarf.

Myaunk Thae Collection


She left Burma twenty years ago, and now she lives in Sydney with her husband and her cat.

By day she's an optical dispenser. By night, she's a social justice warrior.

She buys from WEFT because it educates women so they can support their families.

On a rare evening out, she'll wrap an elegant Khee Lah Scarf around her neck.

It instantly UPLIFTS her. And the women who make it.

Myaunk Thae Collection


At 1am, she slips on Thelma Plum and drives to the studio, dressed all in black and a bright scarf.

Her twin sons, now 24, were born at 30 weeks. Since then she has volunteered for other children in need.

For Kerrie, it’s important to help others help themselves.

Back home, exhausted, she sinks into an Ibis Cushion.

It’s just what she needs to UPLIFT herself. And the women who make the cushions.

Myaunk Thae Collection


Emma creates various pattern pieces and sizing from the shapes Alice has designed and sends these patterns to Ya Mi in Keng Tung, Burma

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Ya Mi

Ya Mi takes photos of the different stages of the process so we can share these with you and rejoice in her beautiful work. Ya Mi sends samples to WEFT in Sydney and we decide what combinations we are going to order for our collection.

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Our Ethical Promise

Emma Kate Wallace started WEFTshop in 2005 with a desire to serve the Karen women using her costume making skills.

By 2021, with a group of committed volunteers, and funding from Rotary, we had trained hundreds of artisans from Karen, Kachin, Karenni and Lahu, who were refugees or migrants.

Every year, we collaborate with 30 artisans, who create contemporary designed products using traditional methods.

These artisans are paid double the minimum wage and receive training in colour, design and
pattern making. With economic empowerment comes confidence and self-esteem in culture.

WEFTshop is all about bringing together beautiful design, ethical fashion and a bit of fun too!

Every time you buy our limited-edition, ethically-made cushions, jewellery, bags or accessories you directly support refugee and migrant families from Burma.